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EtherNet/IP Modules

Advantech’s ADAM-6100 series of Ethernet data acquisition modules and control modules are equipped specifically for the EtherNet/IP protocol. ADAM-6100EI series also allows daisy chain connections, which provide a more scalable system and using fewer wires to helps avoid interference. Their isolated design prevents the ADAM-6100 series from breaking down and helps resist harmful field interference. If you are running a PLC topography with EtherNet/IP protocol, then this is the I/O for you.
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6-ch Relay Output EtherNet/IP Module
  1. EtherNet/IP protocol
  2. 6-ch Form C relay output
  3. Breakdown voltage: 500 VAC (50/60 Hz)
  4. 2 x RJ-45 LAN (daisy chain)
  5. Contact Rating: 5 A @ 250 VAC; 5 A @ 30 VDC


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