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Multiple different accessories needed for all your DAQ and I/O needs.
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SCSI-100 to 2*SCSI-50 Shielded Cable, 2m
  1. 100-Pin to two 50-Pin SCSI-II Cable
  2. Half pitch 100 pin: Male gold flash contacts, black insulator
  3. Half pitch 50 pin: Male gold flash contacts, black insulator x 2
  4. 25 twist pairs tinned and strand copper wire with drain wire
  5. Aluminum/Mylar foil and braided copper double-shielded cable
  6. P.V.C. jacket
  7. UL 20276 approved
  8. Color : Black


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Extender,Extend Dual 20P To PC Slot-Plate
  1. Suitable for analog and digital signal
  2. Designed for 20-pin flat ribbon cables
  3. Desinged for shielded cables
  4. Convenient wiring accessories designed


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