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APAX I/O & Couplers

Aside from high performance controllers, the members of the APAX-5000 series also include various I/O modules, backplanes and power supply modules. APAX-5000 I/O modules have forward-looking and automation engineer-centric features, including hot swap capability, high density ports, clamp type terminal blocks, ID switches, LEDs, writable labels with wiring information, and a flexible expansion topology.
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8-Channel RTD Module
  1. Wire Burn-out Detection
  2. High Density Channel design, total 8 channels
  3. Supports input Types Pt-100, Pt-200, Pt-500, Pt-1000, Balco, Ni 518 RTD (2-wire and 3-wire)
  4. Dynamic configuration allows users to configure different channels with different type and range in one module


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12-ch Analog Input Module
  1. 16-ch voltage and current input
  2. Range: �150mV, �500mV, �1V, �5V, �10V, �20mA, 0~20mA, 4~20 mA
  3. 2500 VDC over voltage protection
  4. Input characteristic curve according to IEC 61131, type 1
  5. Isolation between channels and backplane


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CIRCUIT MODULE, 12-ch High Speed Analog Input Module
  1. 12 analog input channels (12-bit, 1000 sample/second per channel)
  2. Supports various input types: 0 ~ 500 mV, �10 V, 0 ~ 10 V, 0 ~ 20 mA, 4 ~20 mA
  3. Each input channel can be configured with different input types and range
  4. 2500 VDC optical isolation between channels and backplane bus
  5. �35 VDC over voltage protection
  6. Wire burnout detection for 4~20 mA current input


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CIRCUIT MODULE, 12-ch Thermocouple Input Module
    CIRCUIT MODULE, 12-ch Thermocouple Input Module


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8-ch Analog Output Module
  1. 8-ch Analog Output Module


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2-slot Backplane Module
  1. Two slots for two APAX-5000 modules
  2. With built-in expansion ports, two APAX-5002 backplanes can be connected to form a remote expansion
  3. Supports both DIN-rail and wall mounting
  4. Hot swap mechanism for all APAX I/O modules
  5. 30G shock resistance and 2Grms vibration resistance


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APAX module with iDoor support
  1. mini PCI express 2.0 Interface: support Advantech iDoor Technology
  2. mSATA Interface: supportt SATA GENI/GENII/GENIII
  3. Supports Hot Plug


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CIRCUIT MODULE, Modbus/TCP Communication Coupler
  1. Support Modbus/TCP protocol which can be connected with Modbus/TCP master
  2. Dynamic configuration allows users to configure multiple inputs functions in one module
  3. Two RJ-45 ports with the same IP address for building daisy chains
  4. Flexible Modbus address mapping either automatically or manually
  5. Able to connect to APAX digital I/O modules (max. 768 points) or analog I/O modules (max.192 points)
  6. With 16 sets of onboard alarm which can be enabled by utility without any programming


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CIRCUIT MODULE, PROFINET Communication Coupler
  1. 2 x RJ-45 (2-channel switch, share same IP address) Connector
  2. PROFINET Communication Coupler


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