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Digital l/O

Advantech’s digital input/output data acquisition modules are equipped with isolation and failure protection to provide reliable operation. Featuring wide input voltage to fit various digital signals, and switching on applicable DAQ models. Choose from broad functionality to fit your control needs.
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15-Ch DI/O Module
  1. 7 input channels, 8 output channels
  2. Watchdog Timer


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16-Ch Isolated DI Module w/ LED & Modbus
  1. 16 digital input channels
  2. Digital input for dry contact or wet contact
  3. Input Voltage level: 10~15 Vdc
  4. Over voltage protection: 70 Vdc
  5. 2,500 Vdc optical isolation


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Isolated Digital Input Module
  1. Six fully independent isolated channels.
  2. Two isolated channels with common ground
  3. Isolation voltage: 5000 V RMS


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16-Ch Isolated DI Module
  1. 16 input channels
  2. Watchdog Timer


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16-Ch Isolated DI/DO Module w/ LED & Modbus
  1. I/O type: 8 DO/DI
  2. Input Voltage level: 10~50 VDC
  3. Open Collector to 40 VDC
  4. Over voltage protection: 70 VDC
  5. 2,500 VDC optical isolation


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12-Ch Sink Type Isolated DO Module w/ Modbus
  1. Sink Type: Digital Output
  2. Digital Output: Open collector to 40V (200 mA max. load)
  3. 12 Channels
  4. I/O Type: Sink Type Output


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12-Ch Source Type Isolated DO Module w/ Modbus
  1. DO Source Power Failure Detection
  2. I/O Type: Source Type Output
  3. 12 Channels
  4. Digital Output: VCC: 1-~35 Vdc, Current: 1A (per ch.)
  5. Over Current Detection


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4-Ch Relay Output Module
  1. 4-channels relay, two Form A and two Form C
  2. Breakdown voltage: 500 VAC (50/60 Hz)
  3. Insulation resistance: 1000 M ohms minimum at 500 V DC


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8-Ch Relay Output Module w/ Modbus
  1. I/O type: 8 channels from C (NO/NC selectable)
  2. Contact rating: AC: 125 V @ 0.6 A; 250 V @ 0.3 A, DC: 30 V @ 2 A; 110 V @ 0.6 A
  3. Switch Time: Relay on time (typical): 3 msec, relay off time (typical): 1 msec.
  4. LED Indicators
  5. Supports Modbus/RTU protocol


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