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RS-485 I/O Modules

The ADAM-4000 series use the EIA RS-485 communication with high transmission rates over long distances. They communicate with network masters over a twisted-pair, multi-drop RS-485 network. Many RS-485 modules in the series support Modbus RTU protocol.
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6-ch RTD Module with Modbus
  1. 6-channel 2 or 3 wires RTD Input
  2. Accept Pt100/1000, Balco500, Ni input signals
  3. Channels configurable for different types of input individually
  4. Wiring burned-out detectable function
  5. 3000 VDC A/D to logic isolation


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6-Channel RTD Module with Modbus
  1. 6 channel RTD
  2. Protocols: Modbus RTU, ASCII
  3. Watch dog to recover the system
  4. 3000VDC isolation protection
  5. Wiring burned-out detection function


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8-Ch AI Module w/ Modbus
  1. 16-bit resolution
  2. Eight different inputs
  3. Software configurable for mV, V or mA inputs
  4. 3000 Vdc isolation
  5. Supports Modbus/RTU Protocol
  6. Supports 4~20mA


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8-Ch AI Module
  1. Channels: Six differential, two single-ended
  2. Input type: mV, V, mA
  3. Sampling rate: 10 samples/sec. (total)


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8-Ch Thermocouple Input Module w/ Modbus
  1. 16-bit resolution
  2. Eight different inputs
  3. Software configurable for T/C, low level voltage or mA inputs
  4. Wiring burned-out detectable function
  5. 3000 Vdc isolation
  6. Supports Modbus/RTU Protocol
  7. Supports 4~20mA


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8-Channel Universal Analog Input Module
  1. Supports 4~20 mA
  2. Software configurable for mV, V, mA or Thermocouple inputs
  3. 16-bit resolution
  4. Isolation voltage 3000 VDC
  5. Supports Modbus/RTU Protocol
  6. Burn-out detection function
  7. 8-channel Universal Analog Input


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AO Module
  1. Output type: mA, V
  2. Output range: 0 ~ 20 mA, 4 ~ 20 mA, 0 ~ 10 V
  3. Isolation voltage: 3000 V DC


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4-Ch AO Module w/ Modbus
  1. 12-bit resolution
  2. Software configurable for mA or V output in individual channels
  3. 4 digital inputs for latch output
  4. 3000 VDC D/A to Logic isolation
  5. Programmable output slope: 0.125 - 128.0 mA/sec. 0.0625 - 64 V/sec.


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Robust 6-Ch RTD Input Module
  1. 6ch RTD
  2. Operation temperature:-40~85°C,Power input:10VDC~48VDC
  3. Noise protection: 4kV surge(power),4kV EFT,8 kV ESD protection
  4. Interface: RS-485/USB
  5. 3000VDC isolation protection
  6. LED indicator to monitor I/O status


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