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As one of the leading intelligent solution providers, Advantech offers a portfolio of solution-ready and service-ready platforms to offer user-centric solutions that are flexible and scalable. Advantech's intelligent systems provides a wide range of solutions, including self-service kiosks, POS system, interactive multi-media system, equipment control system, and outpatient service solution. Advantech aims to influence user behavior and lead the next generation intelligent services in all business sectors.


INDUSTRY Selection

Banking / Corporate

• Digital Signage
• Product & Services Display
• Banking Queue System
• Customer Survey System
• ATM Kiosk
• Interactive Video Wall

• Campus Alert System
• Student/Faculty eBulletin
• Digital Signage
• Campus Wayfinding
• POS System
• Information Kiosk
Gaming / Entertainment

• Self Ticketing Kiosk
• Digital Signage
• Digital Menu Board
• POS System
• Customer Survey System
• Player Tracking System

• Check-In System
• Customer Survey System
• Interactive Concierge
• POS System
• Self-Service Kiosk
• Point of Information

• Check-in system
• Digital Signage
• Patient Queuing System
• Hospital Wayfinding
• Emergency Notice eBoard
• Clinical Communication
House of Worship

• Donation Kiosk
• News and Event Display
• Information Displays
• Facility Digital Directories
• Digital Signage

• Self-Checkout Terminal
• Customer Loyalty Kiosk
• Wayfinding Kiosk
• POS System
• Advertisement System
• Interactive Video Wall

• Queue Management System
• Self-Service Ordering System
• eMenu System
• Kitchen Display System
• POS System
• Customer Survey System

• Check-In Kiosk
• Digital Signage
• Flight Information Display
• POS System
• Customer Survey System


Touch Screen Computers
Touch Screen Computers

Advantech touch screen computers provide reliable platforms for wayfinding, waitlists, and other interactive applications in retail, restaurant, and hospitality establishments requiring 24x7 uptime.

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Point of Sale
Point of Sale Systems

Advantech POS solutions provide modern, industrial grade design to improve customer experiences and business management. Our POS solutions are ideal for smart retail and hospitality applications.

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Video Wall Controllers
Video Wall Controllers

Wow the crowds with 8 to 40+ display LED backlit video walls. Advantech video wall controllers are strictly validated by Matrox.

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Digital signage players
Digital Signage Players

Advantech networked digital signage players power instantly updatable ambience for your stores, inform shoppers, and powerful interactive kiosks.

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Every service environment needs a secure and reliable storage solution to process important customer and operation information. Advantech's storage servers deliver hot-swap & redundancy to deliver reliable 24/7 operation.

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Network Connectivity

Industrial ethernet switches provides reliable connectivity and networking via GbE, ethernet or fiber combination.

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Advantech 3 Display Digital Signage Player with Intel i3/i5/i7 processor is ideal for restaurant menu boards, hotel lobby signage, airport flight information displays, and more.

Advantech’s digital signage player is a powerful box. Its application is perfect for eMenus, wayfinding, and even advertising in public spaces, ideal for enhancing guest facing experiences

All-in-One touch computers provide the best interactive digital signage solution customer experiences. Whether it’s ordering food at a restaurant, wayfinding at a mall, or self-checkout, the UTC series does it all—select from 10”-42”.

Advantech intelligent restaurant solutions showcase essential products for business owners today. Create new and memorable experiences for guests with Advantech’s content creation software, and deploy through our digital signage solutions.

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