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12" Industrial Flat Panel Monitors
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LCD DISPLAY, 12" XGA Ind. Monitor w/Resistive TS (RS232&USB)
  1. 12'' SVGA TFT LCD with LED backli
  2. Robust design with aluminum front panel
  3. Anti-reflective screen with tempered glass
  4. Supports Panel, Wall, Desktop or VESA arm mounting
  5. Combo RS-232 & USB interface for touchscreen function


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12" XGA Industrial Monitors with Resistive Touch Control, Direct HDMI, DP, and VGA Ports
  1. 12" XGA/15" XGA TFT LED LCD with 50,000 backlight lifetime
  2. Direct HDMI, DP and VGA input interfaces
  3. Anti-glare screen with tempered glass
  4. Robust system with Die-casting aluminum chassis and IP66-rated aluminum alloy front bezel
  5. Lockable I/O connectors
  6. Slim design enables easy installation
  7. Supports various mount options: panel, desktop, and VESA arm


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LCD DISPLAY, 12.1" SVGA WT Ind. Monitor w/ Resistive TS
  1. 12.1" SVGA LED backlight LCD with low power consumption
  2. Robust anodized coated aluminum front bezel and stainless steel rear cover
  3. Supports wide operating temperatures
  4. Increase reliability by enhanced 5-wire resistive touch sensor
  5. Anti-reflective screen with tempered glass
  6. Full enclosure ground isolation protection
  7. Supports VGA/DVI input, dual touch interfaces and two power inputs
  8. Front lockable OSD membrane keys with user-defined brightness setting


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LCD DISPLAY, 12.1" XGA Ind Monitor w/Resistive TS (VGA/DP)
  1. 12.1" XGA TFT LED LCD with 50,000 backlight life time
  2. Robust design with IP66 compliance aluminum front panel
  3. Wide operating temperature support -20~60°C
  4. Anti-glare screen with tempered glass
  5. Supports Panel, Wall, Desktop, Rack or VESA arm mounting
  6. Combo RS-232 & USB interface for touchscreen function
  7. OSD control pad on rear cover
  8. Lockable I/O connectors


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