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Wireless IoT Sensing

Wireless IoT and IIoT sensor solutions make it easy and non-intrusive to capture inaccessible data from existing equipment and operations to increase productivity and efficiency while reducing downtime and cost.
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Wzzard Mesh Wireless Sensor - Industrial HVAC/Cooler, Conduit (Gen.2)
  1. Industrial monitor node with 2 analog inputs, 1 digital input, 1 digital output, 2 thermocouples, 2 thermistors, internal temperature
  2. Ultra-low power 802.15.4e SmartMesh IP technology
  3. Communicates with SmartSwarm-342 gateway via highly scalable and reliable wireless mesh networks
  4. Rugged, IP67 rated, fiber reinforced polyester PBT enclosure
  5. MQTT and JSON IoT protocol to application platform


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Wzzard Mesh Ind. Node - 3 AI, 1 DI, Conduit


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Wzzard Mesh HVAC Monitoring Starter Kit


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